Amina Abdi is a Radio presenter, TV host, MC and musician. This beautiful Somali babe is a 27 year old hottie with a wonderful family and a prosperous career. Amina is a very ambitious lady who has managed to be the host of the show ‘The Source’, she also succeeded Joey Muthegi as the radio host of ‘Hits Not Homework’ on Capital Fm. She is currently the host of Maisha Superstar. Her career is on fire and so is her looks!

Amina’s venture into the Entertainment industry has had its ups and downs. She has never really embraced that she was into music because her religion frowns upon music. Although Amina may not be a stout Muslim, she grew up in a Islamic family. Her parents encouraged her to be a lawyer. Having attended Kenya High School up to 2006 ;she definitely has the brains to back up her looks. She admits that she has made music but never released any as she is concerned as to what her parents would say. However, now she is unafraid to do her thing because her family supports her.

This belle has made several hits that have increased her fan base and popularity all through Kenya. Some of her songs include ‘On Me” with AY, ‘Swag’ with Octopizzo and the latest ‘Grown and sexy’ by Lon Jon ft Amina. Have you heard it?? If you’ve not you are missing out on GOOD MUSIC. Amina looks and sounds too good and sexy in this beat. Lon Jon is the last person I’d think she do a collabo with but that song is a 7/10. Hands down. It’s pretty good for someone who’s taken a break off the music industry.

Unfortunately this sexy mamii is out of the market as a mother of one Fami and commited to her baby daddy, Dj John Rabar. Her pregnancy came as a shock to many but she is a proud mother. ”Motherhood is the best thing that’s ever happened to her,” she confessed to Ghafla sometime this year.

Isn’t she something? Beautiful, successful, loving and confident. What more could you ask for in a woman? This is why Amina Abdi is our WcW. Who is yours?