#WCW Deliah Ipupa – The Fierce Top Model With A Vision

I was lucky to meet a top model, Deliah Ipupa, at the Save A Girl event by The Pink Gal Foundation on the 2nd of May at City Cabanas. Yes, the one and only Deliah Ipupa, Face of Nivea Black and White, the top model who’s fiercely walked runways in Kenya and even Amsterdam for over the years. I’m sure you can’t have missed her face on one of the many advertisements that have been on your screens. SHE!! With lady luck by us, we managed to have an interview with her and it’s evident she’s a beautiful a soul. A beautiful lady full of love and ready to empower her fellow women.

Varcity: What would you be doing if you weren’t here?

Deliah: I’d be chilling with my daughter or chilling with my friends.

V: How’d you find out about the Save A Girl event?And What made you do want to attend it?

D: I stumbled on the poster on my Instagram. I felt I should attend it because I’m out to save a girl child as I know the struggles. As a female myself and a parent I feel it’s upto me to look after the girl child. Also my sister passed recently and I’ve not done anything with my’ family foundation’ for a while I felt I could help out through this.
V: What’s your take and opinion on the Pink Gal Initiative as a whole?
D: I believe ‘saving a girl’ is an initiative that starts from one’s self. The ‘Kiboko’ doesn’t work for this generation so it’s best to use a better approach. An approach that doesn’t scare your child but makes them trust you and understand all your actions are for their best interest.
V: What do feel you’ll change or rather as a mother already have changed, in your parenting as compared to your own upbringing?
D: My parents were very strict, I even felt scared to share with them what was happening in my life. Whereas now I have a very good relationship with my baby girl. I’d never want her to look at me and be scared to tell me her issues. And with the closeness we have I doubt that will happen.
V: As a top model, I mean you were the face of Nivea, you worked for runways in UK ; What would you say are the challenges that young models face?
D: Hunger for fame is the biggest challenge.
V: Care to expound, how that’s a challenge.
D: Most young models are so hungry for fame. They want to be rich and famous so fast they end up getting exploited. They might end up doing a shoot that’s worth 200,000/= for 25,000/=. Understand your worth and that you’re a brand that way you’ll be able to market yourself best.
V: What has made you overcome such a challenge?
D: I have a great management. I’m signed to Hour Glass 254 management, which ensures I don’t go wrong. The secret to a successful career is a good management team.
V: Besides the management tip, what is your advice to young models out there?
D: Definitely, that Education comes first.
V: You mentioned earlier that you had ‘Family Foundation’ sorta, mind telling us about that?
D: My family(My mum, sister and a few aunties) and I started a sort of food programme in our village. We cook lots of food and feed the less privileged or ophans in the village. Occasionally we supply children homes with sanitary towels, books and just foodstuffs to get them by. It just something we thought we’d do occasionally (say per month) to give back to the community.
V: That’s very nice of you, what do you think of the event? As an attendee, what do you think of it?
D: I think it’s good for a beginning foundation and first event. It would have been more lively outside of course cause they’re kids but blame it on the weather. I don’t regret attending it.
That was it. I was to busy having a melt down (nervousness) to even believe that interview was done. There’s Deliah Ipupa for you. Now, who’s to say I was telling fibs that her personality is as beautiful as her face?

Interview by Juliette Obala.