#WCW From Background Singer To The Frontline, Meet Afro-Pop Artist – Kalahi

Kalahi is a performing Artist/ singer/ song writer whose musical journey began (officially) in Sauti Academy and as a background vocalist for various Kenyan artists. Her sound can be defined as Afro Pop/ African Urban music which is a fusion of the African and urban sound. We met with her to learn more about her.

What is your full name?

Annah Kalahi Amugada.

2. What kind of art have you specialized in and why?

Music, because I love singing and I believe it is life changing art. For example, you can hear a song and instantly feel happy or sad or better yet it may remind you of a special someone/occasion. Music has the power to change your mood, to change your perception about things, people or life.

3. Give a brief description of yourself, age, what else you do (if there is anything else) apart from being an artiste.

I am a cheeky, fun-loving and caring 25 year old who loves to chicken and ugali. Lover of love and life. I enjoy quality time with friends and family and also enjoy live concerts. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the chance to be my friend or hang out with me.

Kalahi 4

4. If your art is music, what genre is it? I don’t have a specific genre.

Let’s just say I don’t want to limit myself. I’d like to experiment more, I feel like I will eventually stick to one genre but for now well, I plan to explore more, though I lean more towards songs with an African sound, beat or feel.

5. What inspires you and what do you hope to achieve?

Family and friends who have always been by my side and pushed and encouraged me Artists I look up to, Sauti Sol, Yemi Alade. Love.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love love with all my heart. Any kind of love/experience. All my songs are love related, well in a witty kind way. Achievements, I want my name to be a household name/ brand in the next 3-5 years and have an impact in this world.

Kalahi 2

6. What hurdles have you come by in your journey as an artiste?

Finances. Everything that involves money, payment negotiations with an event organizer, paying for studio time, paying for practice space. Music is an investment, the reward doesn’t come overnight. You have to work so hard, put in a lot of your time and money into before you see its fruits. That’s why a strong support system is a plus in this industry, because giving up is easy.

7. How far have you come as artist? (recordings, live performances, tours)

I can proudly say I released my debut single “Kitunguu” last year August. Proud because it was not easy. I call it the girl power song, which encourages women to walk out of a relationship they are not happy in, no actually run for their lives

Toroka yeye ni Kitunguu, Kimbia! Hepa! Usiteseke!

The grass is always greener on the other side, I believe.

Working on my next single, which I plan to release end of this year, God willing. I also do live performances. You can always check out my Facebook page “Kalahi” to see when and where I will be performing next.

8. Which other artistes have you? Would you like to work with?

I haven’t worked with any artists yet but I would love to work with Sanaipei Tande, Patricia Kihoro, Jua Cali who is so cool by the way, Yemi Alade (Queen).

Kalahi and Sanaipei Tande
Kalahi and Sanaipei Tande

9. Any advice to anyone who is starting out?

If you are passionate about music, write down your goals and strive to achieve them no matter what. Most important thing is to have a plan, a proper strategy.

Never ever do things blindly or because everyone else is doing it. Believe and trust in yourself, believe in music, if it’s your destiny, pursue it.

If you are not passionate about it maybe find something that’s for you.

Download Kitunguu Here

Watch the Lyric video Here

Soundcloud: Kalahi

Youtube: Kalahi

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