#WCW Gaylyne Ayugi @AyugiGaylyne Our Very Own : The Beauty From The Lake.

This weekend the beautiful MISS UNIVERSE KENYA, Gaylyne Ayugi, 20, was on The Trend to share with us the experience at the Miss Universe Pageant 2014 in Florida, USA. She let us in on how it’s a tough competition because all contestant are sexy and stunning young ladies. She might not have had a large group of supporters cause not many people know about her ( I know I didn’t realize how attractive she was until recently) but her family’s support was enough.
Gaylyne Ayugi is not just a pretty empty lady, she’s studying Journalism at Zetech University. Isn’t that just something? Funny, sweet, charming, her personality is an instant sell….I swear if this lady is single I don’t know what men are waiting for? If I was a guy, I’d die trying to ingiza her box. Oh well, it’s their loss.
The sexy lass claims she’s a tomboy, a trait I think is hard to see with her in all those glam shots. If that’s what I’ll look like as a tomboy, trust me, I’d be one any day. She was one of the 8 African contestants at the MISS UNIVERSE pageant 2014 and although she didn’t make it to top 10, we are proud of our beauty from the lake.
”She looks so much like Lupita Nyong’o…” many may say and its not a lie. Only difference is her name and of course she has more of a chest than Lupita can dream of (no offence meant). That’s besides the point, Gaylyne (unique name right there) says she’s always kept her hair short. So yes, she’s not a copy cat.
She an African beauty. No bleaching. No boob job. All natural. For all those people out there who didn’t know about our beautiful representative, now you know. Gaylyne Ayugi is our woman crush this Wednesday.