#WCW Margaret Kenyatta : Join Her This 8th of March for the Beyond Zero Marathon

Well, another year is here and our esteemed and active First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta, has another marathon up her sleeve. Believe me when I say, however, that this year’s marathon will be nothing close to the previous marathon as it involves most of the influential women in Kenya.

This marathon aimed at raising funds to sponsor mobile clinics in various parts of Kenya has been kicked up a notch higher in 2015; the marathon, scheduled for 8th March will not be for the fainthearted! If you are very well aware that fitness eludes your rather healthy body, I implore you to take a back seat on this year’s marathon.

Unlike the previous half marathon that started and ended at the Uhuru Gardens, this year’s will begin at the Nakumatt Mega and end at the Nyayo Stadium. Now, I know that sounds nothing like a torturous marathon… I mean, isn’t that just across the road?

The run will begin at 7 am opposite Nakumatt Mega where the runners will head to the Haile Selassie roundabout and onto Ngong Road past Railway club. they will then head to the City Mortuary roundabout through Cathedral road past community then continue up Mbagathi way onto the Lang’ata road roundabout.

The race does not end there. From the  Lang’ata road roundabout, they will race down the Nyayo stadium roundabout then to Mombasa road and turn at the Sameer Business Park and back to the stadium roundabout. The eternity of a marathon will end when the runners head for Aerodrome road from the stadium roundabout and into the Nyayo National Stadium.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the map of the marathon in a nutshell. Honestly, I would not attempt that marathon to save my life; that’s why the Tergats exist! Looking on the green side, the winners of this marathon walk away with three quarter a million Kenyan shillings, half a million for the first runners up and quarter a million for the third position, adding to the fact that they contributed to the cause of the Beyond Zero Campaign.

Well, like I said before, it is not a marathon for the faint hearted or the couch potatoes. Then again, go, support a cause… just exercise enough before the brave action! So go down this weekend and run for a cause!

beyond zero marathon