Brenda Samba aka Ms. Samba, is just an average 23 year old East African girl. She is a student of life, an artist, a girlfriend and a low key a fitness freak. She started singing at the age of 12 both in church and in school.
At the age of 20,she started recording and performing. she is part of a record label known as “The Posse”.
Under the label she has recorded a couple of songs, some released some unreleased.

“I was once told image is the name of the game so I try and stay in shape…plus there is some level of confidence that comes after working out…it’s a good feeling and it usually comes in handy for me.”


Who inspires Ms. Samba to be who she is?

I’m easy to inspire so basically anything and everything inspires me. Things around me, sounds around me, random stuff on the internet, people around me especially the guys I work with at The Posse. They have this drive behind them that is inspiring, their work ethic and focus is on whole new level…they always huddle in a corner when they are together whispering and just scheming, sometimes I don’t even understand what they are talking about but apparently they make sense to one another. They put a great deal of effort and thought into the music thing we do it makes me want to go an extra mile just to match up.


Take us through your musical journey.  

Started singing when I was a kid like we all do, In the choir, at home when taking a shower and doing chores around…Late 2013 I joined The Posse music collective, with whom I have done a few projects, some released some unreleased (check sound for the released projects).So far it’s has been a warm up, just getting ready for the journey. I hope the destination is pretty.

What have you achieved musically?

Nothing worth mentioning yet but there is this party we usually put together  called MicRobbery, It’s a music concert series, where we invite other up and coming artists and everybody just does their thing, The atmosphere is always quite  something…I can’t really explain ,you should be there to get what I’m talking about.

The next one will be on the 4th of September, We should hit the next posse party.

Can you say it has been hard?

Yes it was challenging. It used to hard be convincing my mother to let me pursue a music career but now we are cool and a new thing came up…TIME .Balancing a job, my love for sleep and all the things I require myself to do, 24 hours isn’t just cutting it. I feel like I need 48 hours in a day.


What do you have planned out for your fans?

I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it  so I won’t break it down, but I want to do a lot of epic things…I hope I didn’t sound vague.

Social media handles:

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Anything else worth sharing.

Check my social networks. I’m always sharing something worth sharing selfies mostly, just kidding. I share everything that revolves around me and everyone connected to music.

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