#WCW Miss University Kenya 2015 Irene Jima Ajogbor; A Force To Be Reckoned With!

The Nigerian lass is young, confident and knows exactly what she wants. The 2015/16 Miss University Kenya is a proud African queen and you can tell from her composure, this is only the beginning. We got to speak to the reigning Miss University Kenya Irene Jima Ajogbor to find out more about the beauty;

1. How old are you?

I am 28 years old

2. You are from Nigeria. Why did you choose to study at USIU?

Yes I hail from Nigeria. First and foremost, I choose to study at the United States International University (USIU)-Africa because as a transfer student, USIU-Africa offered me a chance to continue my programme of study, as well as, this academic institution is a reputable and credible University world over.

3. Why did you enter the Miss University Kenya pageant?

It is worth noting that I decided to contest at the Mr & Miss University Kenya 2015 Pageant because as the current reigning Miss USIU-Africa winner I saw this as an opportunity and a great platform to represent my school in my fullest capacity.

4. How long have you been interested in pageantry?

Well, I have been interested in pageantry for as long as I can remember

5. What will you do with your new found title?

It is paramount to note that with my new found title, my plan is to work in a collaborative effort with all the Misters & Misses, as well as, the student government of the different academic institutions to ensure that we come up with initiative and projects that will promote and encourage education, unity and solidarity as comrades, as well as, doing a lot of community service. I also intend to start a mentorship program to mentor youths and children about the art of modeling and pageantry.

6. How does it feel to have been selected from the other contestants?

From the deepest part of my heart, it really felt good that all the effort, time, resources and energy spent was duly rewarded. I also have the feeling that I earned what i deserved.

Indeed, I feel blessed, honored and sometimes I think about the process and how everything unfolded and I have a sigh of relieve and can only give God thanks.

7. You really shined and stood out in the question and answer segment, how did you get to be so articulate?

Thank you for the observation and compliment, I just did what I do best. I am an articulate lady because I have been involved in a number of activities; Public Speaking, debates, presentations and I emcee at functions.

8. Of all the various segments in the show, from African wear to talent to evening, which was your favorite category and why?

The talent category was my favorite because it was a true representation of my cultural heritage. From the poem, singing and dance there was so much richness in culture and the poem paid tribute to our freedom fighters and Africa as a continent. My talent presentation was tied to the theme:. Education is Key.

9. Being in the Miss University Kenya required a lot of your time. How did you balance with your school work?

Yes, being in the Mr & Miss University Kenya 2015 Pageant required a lot of my time but it has been quite a rewarding experience. I was able to balance because i managed my time wisely by prioritizing my school work and engagements. I also am good at multi-tasking.

10. What are your future plans?

My future plan is start my events management company and a modeling agency. As well as to organize fundraising events that will provide scholarships for students.

10. Are you in a relationship? If yes, how is your partner dealing with your new title?

Lol…No comment.

11. Many people feel it is unfair that a Nigerian won miss university Kenya. What would you tell them?

Irrespective of the fact that I am Nigerian, when I decided to contest I made this decision as the brand ambassador of my institution. I was crowned not because of my nationality but because I earned it. Being Nigerian has never stopped me from trying new things and seize opportunities whenever they presents themselves. Although, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as the theme stressed Education is Key which entails with education anyone irrespective of your nationality, race, gender and sex can go places. The title of Miss University Kenya is beyond the crown but rather about the responsibility which I know i am fully equipped to deliver to the best of my ability.

12. Where do you get your fashion sense?

I am a Nigerian, one thing we never dull in is fashion. I model as well and know a thing or two about fashion. Fashion runs in my family and every member of my family are fashionistas and quite trendy.

13. Who is your all-time favorite model?

Tyra Banks.

14. You like to read, which book are you currently reading or last read?

The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer.

15. What advice would you give somebody who is interested in entering a pageant?

My advice is know who you are, what you represent and know why you are interest in entering pageantry. Never compromise your faith and who you are. Always seek the advice of those graced with years of experience, have a mentor and always have a teachable spirit. Be open-minded, proactive, flexible, warm and unique. Pageantry is beyond beauty but it encompasses intelligence, character and congenial. It is never to late and you are never to old. Believe in yourself. Be confident and know you are beautiful the way you are. Have love and respect for God, yourself and others.

16. What do you do in your spare time when you are not in school?

During my spare time, I love planning events, MC, dancing, singing, travelling, attending church and functions, modeling, cooking and chilling with my family and friends and shopping till I drop!

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