#WCW Sarah Gikonyo: The Miss Kenya Finalist With The Beauty and Brains.


    The sexy lass is young and full of life. Whenever she enters a room, all heads will turn. The former Miss Kenya finalist, Sarah Gikonyo, has beauty along with brains. We met her at the Miss Kenya launch at the Hilton hotel and she definitely became our WCW.

    Here is what we learned about Sarah Gikonyo;

    How old are you?

    I am 22 years old.

    Which uni do you rep?

    I am in St Pauls University

    What are you studying there?

    I am doing a double major in Communications and Public Relations.

    When did you begin modeling?

    I have always loved modeling and so I tried various beauty pageants. I tried Miss Tourism, Miss Fabulous Africa and Miss Kenya. I was happy when I actually made it as a finalist in Miss Kenya.

    How do you balance school and modelling?

    It is not easy to work and study, however it is important for one to prioritize what is important to you. I find it easy to arrange my schedule where I go to class in the day time and partake in runway shows at night.

    What are you future plans?

    I am very interested in mentorship programs where I mentor up and coming models into how to make it in the very competitive modeling business. I would also like to bring girls to think and know how to conduct themselves. I also would like to begin a PR and marketing company.

    Do you have any advice for any young girls interested in modelling?

    It is not easy being in the modeling business as there is a lot of criticism. However, if you are passionate about it, never allow anything to stop you. Go for it!