After singing Mwanake and their awesome Aye by Davido cover the afro-pop trio KIU comprising of Tracy, Pauline and Rosa has released a new single named Shugli.

Tracey Barkhita

KIU display vibrancy and extreme energy in their video. The catchy party inspired song is one that bound to pull someone to the dance floor. The song also has strong vocal ability.

Rosa Nkatha

KIU is the Swahili word for thirst. This explains the ambition that the band has when it comes to music. They describe themselves as a Kenyan girl group characterized by silky harmonies.

Pauline Ayuko

Members of KIU are alumnus of Penya Africa’s Sauti Academy and are managed by Jaaz Odongo. Their music is a blend of edgy Afro-Pop and RnB.