Being in a campus, you get to have many different friends. See our selection of #weallhavethatonefriend and point out the specific habit to your pals;

1. Who laughs at everything


  1. WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho never stop talking,


  1. #WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho ruins cute pictures


4. WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho gets too drunk

Willy : dude I wasn’t that drunk

Timo: ..fuck dude you got so wasted you were puking all over, you started shouting , calling everyone princess

5. WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho willing to do your crazy plans


6. WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho swears they’re not gay but everyone is pretty sure they are

gay friend

7. WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho cooks for everyone

  1. WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho thinks they’re the sexiest thing born
  1. WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho well, this.


10. WeAllHaveThatOneFriendWho never agrees with you.

11. We all have that one friend who always passes out first after a drink out.

drunk friend

  1. We all have that one friend who doesn’t seem to give up the things they borrowed

friend borrowing

  1. We all have that friend who never has money but is always making plans
  2. We all have that one friend who always seem to eat but never gains weight

friend food

  1. We all have that one friend who always wears too much make-up

friend make up

16. We all have that one friend who your parents always warned you from hanging out with them

17. Weallhavethatonefriend who makes everything SEXUAL

18. Weallhavethatonefriend who says hi with an insult “Wassup bitch!”

19.Weallhavethatonefriend who takes forever to get a joke


20.   We all have that one friend who always seems to get easy when drunk.

Any other #weallhavethatonefriendwho..? Tell us below.