The month of August comes with a rise of sporting events, from rugby 7’s to the just passed Elgon Cup we want you to look stylish and cool. It is a sporting event, what outfit would suit the occasion and still look all funky and stylish.

We spotted some looks at the Zetech university sports day, here is what we found:

  1. Sweat pants, scratch that, loose sweat pants for ladies brings out another level of glamour. It shifts the kawaida look of skinny jeans and of course leaves more room for imagination. This goes hand in a hand with a crop top. Again, don’t overdo it with a baggy shirt. A nice decent fitting crop top is appropriate for that girly look and also that tomboy chic.
  2. Caps or snap backs. Color of course matters, you don’t want to look like a rainbow with wrongly mashed up colors from head to toe. The hats not only make you look good, but shields you from a sunny day, outdoor games can be sweaty.


3. Dressing in shorts was also spotted at the Zetech Sports event, again simplicity takes it home. Loose fitting shorts and a well-fitting jerseys and when it gets late and cold throw in a denim jacket to finish up that look. We gotta admit, there is something trendy and stylish for that slightly faded denim.


4. Socks game getting stronger. Another perfect accessory to finish that sporty look. Long high knee socks, to e specific. Color is mind blowing, color makes one happy, literally brightens your day. Here is where you take the risk, be confident and make it work effortlessly.


5. The oversized ray bans shades. These can never grown old. They don’t want to be straining watching a football match with the sun rays directly opposite your direction. The shapes and color make it even a glamorous look.

Any other tips you have for dressing at a sporting event? Tell us below.