02Getting up in the morning for me tends to be at times hard depending on how a slept last night, it can be to you to. With this, my morning moods change and they deeply affect how I will dress up that day. Ad wake up and feel young and restless then the result is al choose a dress code that depicts that. Whatever inspires your dress code will tell a lot about you. Not necessarily the aspiration but the kind of cloths you put on.  Someone may meet you for the first time and the first impression they have of you is how you dressed and unfortunately they will use that impression to make a couple of conclusions about you.

Dress codes shows a lot about self-respect, self -dignity, self- preservation, self-motivation and even self-esteem not forgetting self-intention.  Ladies tend to fall into this trap and dress with all the wrong motives in their heads, for example dressing to kill. Who are you going to kill while dressing like that? I repeat again, kill who!!!!!?  You plan to “kill” those who will look at you and at the end of the day; you end up killing your own self. You kill respect for your own self with people that respect you and you end up drawing the wrong crowd and wrong attention towards you. And if that is what you wanted then you got it, but have in mind long term effects not only that moment accomplishments.

Before getting out of your room, ask yourself a couple of questions and see that what you have on is ok and if anyone meets you like that, they will be impressed and not depressed by what they see.