WEEDThe society today has molded us to different characters, some of which, we and our families at large least expected.  We have the book smart, the real smart and the all round type of students, the latter are potentials that are realized at different stages in person’s life depending with who they interact with who they interact with. Some realized their capabilities before joining campus while others it was a matter of time; I still give a big shout to y’all. We all in campus have taken different paths with our lives, the big question is, do they shape us to who we should be or they are just spoilers that we are yet to realize? This has driven me to chronicle an analysis on why we students use drugs, say cannabis.

Cannabis sativa, marijuana also known as bhang,weed scientifically is an annual herbaceous plant in the cannabis genus, specie of the cannabaceae family. We use different slung to refer to this drug depending with your hood and environment, that’s just for security purposes as it is illegal to use this drug. The popularity of this drug among the young people more so campus students has risen to very high levels, a phenomenon that’s yet to be explained. This could maybe due to its cheap price or is it sensation seeking that is leading to addiction hence the abuse by these sharp young men and women in the universities. The young generation who smoke it will be very much at ease to tell you that they feel so high like planes in the skies as the dancehall maestro Future Fambo put it.

It stands out to be a favorite in campus private house bash and parties, sad how women young females indulge and let loose. You attend such parties and see the devil’s work and you gotta be convinced that morality is not with us anymore. Bhang smoking has adverse effects on the users and any one with the right intellectual capacity would definitely concur to my sentiments. I am not going to explain the negatives and the positives of its usage but would rather leave this as a take away to you who use it so much to go think about it;

  1. Does it change your worse to any better when you resolve to usage at the given time?
  2. Do you feel a better person your parents would be proud of when pulling that?

I consider marijuana as a recipe for societal moral decay but contrary opinions are much invited. Just encouraging the young varsity students to wake and bake a difference.

Written by: Vincent

Facebook: Vin Masolo

Twitter: @oduor_vin