mututhoWeekends in Campus Weekends are usually the long awaited days of the week by everyone, but mostly by students. Weekdays are hectic, characterized by tight schedules on end. I mean, factoring the hangover, we only get half a day free. *wink* The always fully packed and poorly ventilated lecture halls, the waking up early and walking up to two kilometers to catch a 7am class in a lecture hall located within campus is no joke. The many assignments given, the CATs, the projects and reports to be written and the tight deadlines for submission and presentations are not any student’s cuppa tea. Remember the ever full libraries, but all thanks to Google, answers and reference materials are only a click away! The arrival of a weekend is embraced by all comrades with jubilation and all cares are thrown to the wind at least for a while. Female comrades enjoy weekends more than their male counterparts. On Friday evenings in the ladies’ hostels, the bathrooms are unusually packed, busy as girls shower, apply makeup and dress for the night. Vehicles with tinted windows jam the parking lot, picking female students wearing cheap six-inch heels, all the while trying to maintain balance when walking. Others are picked in groups carrying huge “ Mpaka Monday” handbags excitedly chatting and giggling like a bunch of six year olds. For those mpangoless students, they are left in the hostels watching from their windows as their colleagues step out in style. You see, the weekend also proves to be a good time for the not so-well-off student to make extra cash. Some do part time menial jobs, some plait hair while others take tuition classes for pupils and high school students and earn just enough for the “mama mboga”. cxcFemale students beat the men here as well as they are taken out by the lecturers who promise an A in whatever unit and some money for upkeep in return for a warm night. Others are reported to hit the clubs where they drug and steal from unsuspecting men. They have mastered their skills well enough and more often than not, they transact their business and barely walk unnoticed. While also others go to the streets for “night business”! Remember the infamous Campus Divas for Rich Men? It’s still there and has got more members and followers now. Values and virtues thrown out of the window for luxury. As a result, some students are driving themselves to school and living in expensive apartments. When HELB gives less money and little or no help comes from home, students have learned to fend for themselves with some operating fat accounts and others investing in businesses. But for the morally upright who only follow the right ways to earn money, they struggle in college only with hope for better days in the future unknown.

By Philip Kithome