mini cooper  The Weetabix Mini Challenge is a challenge that is centered on the Campus Community. The Challenge is to witness how many people can fit inside a Mini-Cooper in an attempt to break the world record of 28 people fitting inside a Mini-Cooper. At the same time it is also a drive to encourage the Campus Students to introduce cereals into their diet. Weetabix which is made with 100% whole grain, low in fat, low in sugar and high in fibre combines to make the cereal choice for a student to start his/her day. For the Campus Activation it won’t just be a matter of witnessing but also get a chance to walk away with Ksh.250,000 for the group who will manage to fit inside the Mini-Cooper after the finalization of the challenge in all Campuses.

Last weekend saw the first Campus Drive happening at Moi University-Eldoret Main Campus.The crowd in Eldoret was totally geared up for the challenge and among the participating teams,it was team Lupita that stood out.Team Lupita was competing against six Teams such as Bigwigs,Weetabix 28,Masufferer and Cotch.Out of the 27 members Team Lupita had they manage to fit in 23 of their members inside the Mini-Cooper within 1 minute and 44 seconds to emerge  the victors of the Moi University Edition. Here is a short video to show how Team Lupita did it HERE

So how do you take part in the Weetabix Mini Challenge?


  • Create a Team of not Less than 18 university students.
  • Every participant in the team MUST purchase Weetabix products at the venue worth a maximum of Ksh.100.
  • The participants enter the vehicle from one passenger door and the rear/boot door.
  • A valid attempt will require all passengers’ doors including the boot door, and windows to be shut AFTER the participants have settled in, for a period of 5 seconds in their respective positions.
  • The maximum time allowed for the challenge is 2 minutes.
  • A team can take part in the challenge for a maximum of two attempts.
  • For a second attempt, the team will required to purchase more weetabix product, worth Ksh.100 individually, in a team.
  • The Grand Prize of Ksh.250,000 will be issued to the winning team by cheque no later than 30 days after announcement of the Winner.

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  • Participation in the challenge is limited to current university students
  • Participation in the challenge will be in teams of no less than 18 University Students
  • University ID Cards is required as Proof of Identification

The Schedule for the other Campuses are as follows.

Date not yet confirmed KEMU-Main Campus, Meru
25th-April,2014 UoN-Main Campus
2nd –May,2014 Mombasa Polytechnic
9th-May,2014 Maseno University
14th-May,2014 Kenyatta University
16th-May,2014 USIU
23rd-May,2014 JKUAT-Karen



Written By: @MasterSteve_