Good food, drinks and amazing music filled the Nyama Mama Delta restaurant Wednesday night as the amazing band Just Imagine Africa serenaded the revelers.

The Just Imagine Africa performed two sets with the first being an acoustic set led by the lead singer. The rest of the band joined in at the end of the first set kicking off a session of jazz and reggae tunes that made the crowd finally get on their feet to dance to the band’s unique sound.

The performance was this week’s edition of the Jamhuri Jam Sessions that’s held at Nyama Mama Delta every Wednesday night – a celebration of African talent with the world.

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An eclectic night of live music by new, fresh and young talent. Mama’s providing a platform for these talented local musicians and giving you a chance to come and experience their music first hand.

Jamhuri Jam sessions is an initiative by Tom Olang’o, founder of Jamhuri Festival.

Don’t miss next week’s edition. It’s going to be just as lit.