It is always the joy of a family when their loved ones joins the university to pursue higher education but not anymore with the rise of murder cases of young chirps. One may tend to wonder, what really causes the brutal murders that we wake up to hear or envisage in our broadcasted platforms.

A number of cases that have been broadcasted have continued to rise and it is really hazardous which is quite alarming. What is really sickening is the people who are alleged to have committed the crimes were once beloved loved ones. Where did people go wrong? Has love gone sour?

From last year we can still reminisce the brutal murder of Sharon Otieno , the second year student at Rongo University whose case is still on hearing; Jowie’s alleged to have murdered Monica Kimani. This year the cases have continued to throng our airwaves with a recent case of a lady who was brutally murdered with an axe zeroing down to the one that happened at Kenya Methodist University and his counterpart from Chuka University few days ago where both bodies were found dead.

All these cases can be attributed to have been revolving around in the name of love. Well, love is expected to be patient, kind and it doesn’t rejoice at wrong but what we are experiencing in the country is the opposite of what the latter entails.

The rampant cases needs to be investigated by the government immensely to ensure that the right to life for our youths is well protected and also ensure that justice prevails for the families that have lost their loved ones.

The question that revolves around many could be where did we go wrong as a sober society? Are our morals degrading? What results to the brutal murders? Are there hidden issues that the public is naive about? All stakeholders need to identify the causes of the problem. Our youths are getting drowned and destroyed day in and out. The problem might have been deep-rooted in the inside of many for quite a long time and when they decide to let it out it turns to be a quagmire.

The students needs also to be sensitized on how to relate with others when they are far from home to avoid missing a mark in the future or else we shall continue to miss the hay while sun shines…. You can view the outsource stories from Standard Digital for more details….