What does it really mean to be someone’s Women Crush Wednesday (WCW)?

This trendy social media outburst came to life thanks to many active internet consumers.  When you see such a hashtag accompanied by pictures of beautiful women, it seemingly means you get to admire a female species without necessarily having any sexual intentions towards her. But the hashtag WCW has become an excuse to upload a pic of that chic you really like, yes Team Mafisi? An Instagram follower who you have never met may be justified if he made you his WCW.


Girlfriends are going crazy when she’s not on his pages as his woman crush Wednesday, it is war when he crushes on another woman. But is it justifiable, I mean you are his girlfriend, not his crush. Any dictionary out there, would describe a crush as an intense but usually short lived infatuation.


Another weird thing with this viral spread of the use of that hashtag, is when your WCW is blood. Like a relative, like are we changing the meaning of crush? How ethical is when you put your grandma as your WCW? Again, why are you crushing on your grandma? Translated as a strong liking towards your grandma?


According to a young guy, he thinks WCW is a good way for a man to publicly express their fetish or fondness to the female that they adore. It is bravery in disguise, he also thinks it makes the women go “aww” and wouldn’t love to be the reason for that aww.


Another opposing young man, thinks WCW is a social media thing with no basics of courtship. It is a façade that smolders genuine love with hypocrisy. Ouch? But well, there is always two sides of a story.


But what do the girls think? Well, for starters she gets to be made public. She gets her self confidence and self-esteem to another level, high of course. Then again, it is never that serious.


Are you someones WCW today? Tell us your thoughts about it below.