Groove Awards nominees for 2017 were named 2 days ago at the Chandaria Center Auditorium, University of Nairobi Towers. The list has included both the new and old acts in the Gospel industry in Kenya. The names on the list did not come as a shock to many but there were few that cannot be let to just slip between our fingers.

There have been observations and comments regarding the Kenyan Gospel Music industry and what is ailing it. We had Caroline Mutoko express her disappointment with the way Gospel music is changing in Kenya. She was heard saying that a gospel track should work as another way of spreading the Word of God.

This year’s list did not feature Willy Paul and most notably Bahati. These two were at one time shinning stars in the gospel industry. The controversy started, with rumored beef between them and the fact that they are now doing music for showbiz. Willy Paul did a collabo with Jamaican Alaine while Bahati went ahead and featured Tanzanian Rayvanny both of whom are secular artists.

The two were not included in the nominees list but it did not change the fact that the gospel music industry has become a ‘joke’ to many. You can get the full list here Going through the list I noticed that the now famous and catchy Bazokizo track had been included in the Song of the Year category also competing with Thitima. I stopped and took a deep breath then scrolled down. Just because a song mentions ‘Jesus’ at one point then goes on to dancing styles doesn’t make it gospel!

If you have been following gospel songs this year you might have heard off ‘Zigwembe ya Yesu’ by Bruz Newton. A gospel track talking about Jesus’ legs! Right now the industry is in shambles and at this rate the only two songs competing for song of the year are the aforementioned Bazokizo and Thitima Anthem. I think someone should give our artists the Oxford industry and make them look up the meaning of the word Gospel. This might change the path to destruction that our gospel industry seems to be headed.