If you follow our articles you might have seen one on Bro codes published last week. It was a great article exposing how the male generation acts and manages to exist together. Bro codes are all about mutual respect in the male gender. This week the pressure got the best of me and I decided to jump to the other side, the female gender. I have heard those in support of gender balance claim there is a girl code! Hold that thought.

I went to Google and read some of the codes governing the female generation and before I could go any further I felt like it was just written to counter-attack the Bro code. One particular code that made me sleepy said that A girl should always come to the rescue of another girl being hit on by a creep! Interesting right? Isn’t this code just another name for cock-blocking? I will not go deep into the codes because you will realize it is messed up.

I will use to recent incidences that have rocked us and relating to the Girl Code. We will start off with Selena Gomez relationship with The Weekend. Gomez is part of the music crew under Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend’s ex happens to have dated a girl that is a sister to one of the girls in Taylor’s squad. The Bro code would have given you a whooping for this!

Another scenario is Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma’s beef. We all loved it and took sides but the amount of hate that came with the diss tracks left us in awe. The lyrics were so personal meaning the two had previously shared some secrets meaning they were friends at some point. The girl code is not as famous as the bro code because it is rarely considered in bringing peace in the girl world.

A woman’s greatest enemy is another woman and we have seen it over the years. These days girls take their fellow girl’s man and would not apologize. Oh and before I forget they have a code to never go after their fellow girl’s crush. We all know girls have some common crush and they would kill to see him with them! What really happened to the Girl Code?