What Is Your Butt Type?


Buttocks are a basic human component that everyone possess. Did you know that there are 4 main butt looks?

  1. Round ‘O’ shaped

This style is very sexy and mostly preferred as it reiterates a fit person who probably works out now and then. It is better known as a round ass and has got a lot of fat around the butt cheeks area. It is mostly uplifted and appears as a bubble butt.

vera sidika

2. Inverted pyramid

You will notice it as it will appear like the shape of the letter ‘V’. It is a classic as the base of the butt appears fuller than the top. Most people who possess this kind of butts are stereotyped as lazy and don’t work out to lift their butts.

inverted pyramid butt

3. Square butt

This shape is the result of either more prominent hip bones or a distribution of fat in the ‘love handle’ area. The upper part looks bigger and hence the shape that comes out is that of a square of an ‘H.’


4. Small orange

This butt is ideal, as it doesn’t appear too big or too small. Most of the girls who have this are always comfortable walking around naked or in bikinis as it is firm and has less or no cellulite.

small orange butt

5. Pear Shape

This booty has all the fat concentrated at the lower area. The pear shape is also known as the heart, oval booty or A-shaped bum.

Here are some other butt shapes;

butt shapes

Girls, what is your butt style? Boys…how do you like your butt?