What Made Him Break Up With You?

Southpaw, have you watched that movie? It’s legendary! But this is not a movie review, that’s how a guy feels after a break-up. Yet unless he is a freckled grandpa in a young lad’s skin, screwing up is an understatement. So what leads to him to break up with you?

What exactly is a guy’s standpoint before a break up?

Mostly they are much aware of the securing fact that there is a chick at the end of the day or week who is going to be down for whatever, that’s pocketed. And trust me ladies, it is an awesome feeling. And guys want to treat you right, hold you down. You know, want to hold your hand on Saturday afternoon, WCW on Wednesday and slip a hand down your denim just grab the bare behind in a quiet walk in the middle of the night.

Guys also want to call you sweet names, and late night-call you because heck, we also have deep stuff to talk about when the internet is down. We do want these things, and do these things when the environment is right.

How It All Changes 

Yet, sometimes when the calendar is about to be flipped, girlfriends flip with it. Then it becomes a bunch of spontaneous eruptive emotions that mostly puts us off leading to a break. Us here is for the larger majority, because gender has become an elusive topic and the fabrics that distinguish male from female have so been eroded by the adverbial gender-equity mantra. Feminists are overboard.

Couple In Bed With Relationship Difficulties
Couple In Bed With Relationship Difficulties

Checking my phone just isn’t right, it gives makes you look petty and it pisses off the hell out of anyone. Sure as the sun will rise, you’re always going to find a reason to be mad. We can’t help it. This however does not mean that we don’t love you no…as a matter of fact, in a noisy world, you’re the only quite to which solace a guy finds. In a chick-crowded world, you’re the only queen that’s worth the main-chick crown.

But pretty don’t be nagging, or petty or always doubting. Ringa! Come on Sunday with a crop-top and booty short and a baseball cap, or just wrap yourself in a nice big white towel after shower after you-know-what. Be a personal thot!

How To Spot A THOT

It makes us take you to a trip back to Rio and do the 6 rounds. However, the more you frown and get grumpy, the more we are put off. And each doubt drives us further to actualizing your doubts.

But when you break up with your guy because of our actions or inaction’s, for 36 minutes we become Jake Gylenhall in Southpaw; miserable for days.

Guys, do you agree with this? Girls, have you been doing this? Share your experiences below.

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