The world is a circle. Have it ever blew your mind that you could be having a person whom you look alike? Sharon and Mellon have been trending for quite sometime. A time of confusion marred their family members. They do look alike and the D.C.I had to intervene after the media uncovered their stories.

A story that started at Kakamega Hospital ,19 years ago. They were both delivered at the hospital . They came to know their co-existence in high school. Sharon and Mellon did school in different schools and students who went to different high school Funkiez made them to know about each other.


After the D.N.A tests that was expected to be released last week, the family can only hold a breathe. A mixed feeling that has overwhelmed the family needs to be sorted out. The media has remained mum on the results. What is the outcome? Are they really twins?

Kenyan media has been criticized over time for bringing up stories and forgetting to do a follow up. After breaking emotions of different families, they need to restore cohesion in these families.

Sharon and Mellon are yet to confirm the outcome. We wish them a peaceful co-existence  when the results are out.

What’s your view on the delayed results?