They aren’t just about the showbiz and fame; they care about the society too. After successfully releasing their album Sauti sol settled into their Soma Soma initiative which is geared to advocate for education for all youth in Kenya. The initiative was set up in December 2012 at Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa.


Sauti Sol deems education as paramount for a strong foundation for any nation’s future people and workforce the hope for Africa untapped and potential regardless of socio-political and economic challenges. Their song Soma Kijana off their sophomore album, Sol Filosofia is the title track of this project that emphasizes on its message. Sauti Sol’s mission with the Soma Soma Initiative is to inspire and mentor youth on matters pertaining education.


Through the initiative students are able to gain from peer-peer mentorship and all forms of learning equipment.  They also get to give motivational talks to the children together with other young influential people that may serve as role models as well as establish library systems.


They not only inspire us with their music, Sauti Sol touch lives with this initiative.

Good job guys!