On Saturday, Jomo Kenyatta the eldest son of President Uhuru Kenyatta and the entire family performed the last traditional ceremony before the official wedding happens next year. The event which is called Itara happened at the Icheri village in Gatundu, Kiambu County.

The president arrived at the event with his uncle Ngegi Muigai and other relatives at around midday. Majorly, Itara is a function that is undertaken by women only, so men only come in as observers.

Achola, the pride to be arrived with her mother Ms Ruth Ngobi and family to the compound being led by the Cabinet Secretary of Defense Rachel Omamo. They were received by the first lady Margaret Kenyatta.

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Guests who were at the event were both among the political class, say the who and who from politicians to the business people and the elite. Locals also thronged the event in large numbers but where only allowed to watch the event from a separate ground via a large screen. The guests were treated to entertainment from traditional dancers owing to the fact that it was a traditional ceremony.


Ms Ruth Ngobi was later taken into the main house by the first lady to be shown where her daughter will be living after the final marriage ceremony.


The groom’s grandmother Mama Ngina was present and also helped in welcoming the guests and the family of the pride-to-be.

Ms Achola’s father Mr. Richard Ngobi was born by a man from Muranga and a mother who hails from Uganda while her mother is the daughter of former cabinet secretary Odongo Omamo. Her mother is the sister of Rachael Omamo.

Pictures courtesy of edaily.co.ke