When you are quite sure you are headed to meet your boyfriend, or at least a sleep over at bae’s place do you just go there? Or go prepared. Or a night life that ends in the famous to “be chipo’d.”

1. Change of clothes. At least underwear and a clean top. The pants can be recycled. You don’t want walking that walk of shame the next in yesterday’s clothes. Fresh undies is hygienic, you won’t even feel it in your bag. So there is no excuse about it. A clean top, the previous night you must’ve been all sweaty and so much activities for you to wear the top again. Change of clothes is a must.

2. Condoms. You don’t want an amazing wild night to end badly. A few months later we cases of STDs and all. He might forget to have some with him, always have back up. Getting pregnant on a one night stand.

3. Toothbrush. Morning breathe is a no. always carry a toothbrush. Especially after a night of drinking, the morning results may be so bad.

4. Make up bag: pocket tissue, wet wipes, and the usual make up kit. You gotta freshen up as soon as you wake up. You don’t want looking like a zombie when he wakes up. A little dolling up could do, light for the morning as opposed to the night before.

5. Perfume or body splash. What happens when that place you spend the night has no water? This is where your wet wipes and perfume pimp you up.

Anything else you never forget in your fornication bag? Share them below.