The weekend is here and emotions are running high because of the various activities and occurrences of the week. Most of us are prone to get involved in fights at the club.Here are a few pointers on what to do in case of a club fight.
Take care!!

Obviously the best way to win a bar fight is to never get into one in the first place. Most fights start after someone escalates the situation which causes adrenaline that quickly results in physical aggression. By simply staying calm and trying to be passive as possible it’s often possible to simply dissolve the situation before it starts. It might not make you look big but it will keep your face nice and pretty.


Don’t be afraid to run away. It’s often better to run from a fight than to end up reflecting on how poor an idea the whole fight thing was in the first place from a hospital. And you can always console yourself by pretending that if it had come to blows he would have come off worse. So really, you did it to protect the other guy.


If things are going to come to blows, get the first one in. If the guy is shoving you and its obvious there is going to be a fight, don’t let him get the upper hand by hitting you first. Even if they are considerably tougher than you.


Trip them, knock them down, do whatever it takes but keep them off balance. You’re far more likely to win a fight if they are on the ground. In fact, regardless of whether you ultimately win or not, if you’ve managed to knock them down you’re going to be able to claim some form of bragging rights.


Don’t let them knock you down! As soon as you hit the ground you’re at their mercy. Even if they go down, don’t drop to the ground yourself. Once you’re on the floor it’s easy for someone to sneak up behind you. Try and keep to your feet.


Be careful of their friends. It’s not so easy to start a fight yourself. Try to keep your back to a wall or friendly people to avoid getting sucker punched


Of course the easiest way to win a fight is to only go to local bars and pubs where you already know the bouncers. Chances are he will always be on your side even if you are the one who started it.