Many wonder what to wear to a hip hop concert so as to look ‘with it’. Here are some of the must haves when attending a hip hop concert;


Sneakers are a classic from converse to J’s to Nikies.The colorful, the better for chics with bright colours from luminous to plain lovely colours. Even more advantageous, they can be worn alongside skirts, dresses, rompers; simply anything.


For guys too, they can go with any bottoms but most especially with sweat pants.

Sweatshirts and shirts

Simply rock sweatshirts over sweat pants or any pants you so ever like. They are also unisex and easy to do with because they only require a touch of bandana or a chain over the neck.


Plaid shirts

They can also be tied on your waist for both sexes. They will have you looking like one of them guys in a Tyga music video.


Harem Pants

They are baggy, comfy and cool. They look awesome with a pair of sneaks.


Gold chains

A few currants on your neck will not do much harm, but you can always keep it as simple as coated blings; two or three are not too much. Unisex, again they are. For girls, we can always have the power to bling it all up from the earrings to the bracelets.



I’m talking about the kind of socks that will make Two Chainz jealous that you look cooler than him; or is it Chris Brown? Either way, these stripped socks are a must have or a must wear to a Hip hop concert.


Acid Wash Anything

You can choose to go all full acid wash look on a whole outfit or just choose to have a touch of it on either the top or bottom of what you’re wearing.




This artificial synthetic material on any outfit just screams ‘gangstar’ in all types of angles.



Can you picture Janelle Monae in her hit song Yoga? Yes, if you can go that crazy with loooong braids, do it! If you prefer it toned down, you can do a more relaxed short braid. Braids are the gangster look of all time.


Black/purple lippie

This has been there from the time of Missy Elliot and that gangstar touch has not faded away for a bit. It is very bold and brings some energy to your bold face that says,’ I am cute, but I can throw a hell of a punch.’



With these pointers, you are now ready to party it hip-hop style!!