What We Will Remember About Mama Lucy


Sadly this year has seen the death of another great human being, Mama Lucy Kibaki who died while undergoing treatment in London. Certainly the country and most of all her family mourns her death but we also want to document what is worth remembering.

  1. Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital

The hospital on Kangundo road will serve as a memory especially for people who reside near it.


  1. The Slap

She slapped cameraman Clifford Derrick who was filming her storm into Nation Centre in her PJs following a story they had done on her.


  1. Redykulass

We will remember the moments Lucy Kibaki was featured on The Redykulass comedy show where KJ constantly made fun of Mama Lucy’s remarks and dress code. It was hilarious how the comedian resembled Lucy Kibaki.


  1. Defending her Throne

Mama Lucy was known for being tough and a badass. She definitely didn’t stand down when Mary Wambui claimed she was Kibaki’s second wife. That story sure died a slow and quiet death.

  1. The Fall

During the 2009 Jamhuri Day celebrations at Nyayo Stadium, the former First Lady slipped and fell on a staircase but was assisted by her bodyguards.


Any other moments you remember Mama Lucy for? Let us know below.