A few days ago, a Kenyan employee of KK Security by the name Handson Nyasaka, mysteriously disappeared with 25 million at the JKIA.  This has been a subject of discussion amongst many, varsity students had their say and how they would go about it.

KK Security easily disappears with Sh25 million at JKIA
KK Security easily disappears with Sh25 million at JKIA

The most interesting thing a young guy said;

I would equally distribute it to his family and kill himself.

That sounded funny and unrealistic until he justified himself that, in Kenya if he was caught and arrested, he would be on the death sentence. It is a crime to steal that much in those foreign currencies: USD 50,000 98,500 Euros, 90,000 Swiss Franc that sum up to 25 million.

The misdemeanor better not leave the country so soon, he’ll be caught within a jiffy says a young lady. Everyone is probably looking for him; he should go on the low and just chill somewhere remote, go stay in a coastal village or something. Come out of hiding after 5 years. After all Kenyans forget so easily as soon as another distraction comes up. I mean what happened to the bitter guy who killed his girlfriend? The lawyer? So yeah, Mr. Handson Nyasaka might get away with it if he plays his cards well.

More opinions coming in, a young campus guy says he won’t use a cent until after 2030 because of the serial numbers on the currencies. Seems like one has to do so much research to get away with such a crime, all the movies and series you stayed up watching should be put into practice.

Young entrepreneurs believe it is a good idea to build flats like those hostels in Ngara. Maybe get a decent payroll job, be depositing little money in the bank every month as you build flats, whenever you stuck they’d think you lacked enough capital, which would help kill the suspicion.

Or you could use an uncle MP of yours, say he gave you capital to start your business, he is blood, he won’t give you out. How far can we go with violating the moral standards of Kenya?

Or you could get someone to build a house in the country side or buy a house in coast.

How far can you go morally with such amounts of money? Tell us below.