British Prime Minister Theresa May has been in power since 2016. She is tough and airs her views in the midst of a division between House of Commons and House of Conservatives.

In her latest emotional speech, she mentioned her upcoming resignation after pushing for some amendments in United Kingdom. Her journey has been met with opposition recently but she is still strong. June 6 th, 2019 all eyes are looking at who would replace her.

What you need to know..

  • She is the second female Prime Minister of United Kingdom after Margaret Thatcher
  • She survived a vote of no confidence in her leadership
  • She has been championing a Brexit from European Union
  • She is married to Philip May
  • She doesn’t compromise and this can be seen on her exit.

In a tearful statement outside Downing Street, May said it was the “honor of my life” to serve as prime minister, but conceded her failure to deliver Britain’s exit from the European Union meant it was time for her to step down. She will stay on as prime minister until her party chooses a successor, which is expected to take at least four to six weeks.

Should Britain exit from European Union? What are your thoughts?