What You Should Never Do During Your Internship

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(Last Updated On: January 25, 2016)

In your campus life you are probably going to have a few job opportunities here and there especially because it is a school requirement to do a job attachment or internship. Here are things you should never pull at your work place when you finally land that job:

  1. Getting too comfortable

Especially as an intern, never get too comfy. You are at the internship for a reason and it is important for your potential to be realized and this will not happen if you are constantly coming in late or surfing the internet half the time.

  1. Flirting with your boss or co-workers

Even if they start with the flirt just withdraw with a polite smile or laugh but do not propel it. The office is not the place to hit on anyone it sometimes comes with crazy drama that could even get you fired. It just isn’t professional.


  1. Coming in sick, high or drunk

Just call in sick if you really are because it is less likely that you will be productive at work in that state. Same for when you are high or drunk, you’d rather lie that you lost a relative or that you are sick than going in this state for obvious reasons. Just don’t get high or drunk if you need to be at work in the next few hours.

  1. Gossiping about your colleagues

This could also stir up some serious drama in the office and you do not want to be that guy/girl everybody in the office hates. If others are gossiping just keep your mouth shut. Do not contribute. If you don’t like someone do not form some sort of conspiracy against them either, leave that to the ids in pre-school

  1. Bringing home to work

If you had a serious fight with your mom or your child or other half at home, leave it there, you’ll kiss and make up later. Keep your personal life personal. Get some air once in a while out of the office if it is really bugging you.

  1. Whining and complaining

Sometimes work can get frustrating but do not be one to constantly complain. Be the solution when you can, not the problem.

7. Wear too much perfume or cologne.

In an enclosed environment manufactured fragrance can be annoying to some but headache and hay fever inducing to others. Keep the environment fresh and neutral for everyone.

8. Being on your phone constantly

Your phone is everything, we know, but your boss or colleagues do not need to know that. Hold off on the SnapChat and Instagram while at work.

There you have it! All the best!

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