TheMulti-Media University has got to be one of the coolest unis in Kenya. One might have to travel a bit but it is definitely worth the visit. The students must feel lucky to study there and this is why:

The serene environment

MMU, located in Rongai has a relaxing environment which anybody would enjoy. The school has so much space within and large fields to just chill in or play if sports is your thing. They also have a Nature Park where students can take a walk in to relax when they aren’t having classes. They also have warthogs and baboons which roam around the school compound. Though the baboons are sometimes a menace as they break in to the hostels when windows are left open.










Printing Press and MMU Radio

Students of Journalism will have no problem practicing here as the school offers adequate facilities to do so, there is a printing press and radio station where students get to fully participate in broadcasts. Tune in, the frequency is 99.9.








ICT Museum

MMU takes technology very seriously and even have an ICT Museum within which there is different technological gadgets from different times.








Club House

Does your school have a swimming pool and a place designed to just chill and have so much fun? Well, MMU does, they have a place which they call The Club House where there is a pool, sauna and jacuzzi. The students can access these facilities at affordable rates during their free time. Outsiders pay a slightly higher fee. The place used to be open to the students to host parties but due to misconduct that doesn’t happen anymore. Students will be students…








MMU Hotel

Yep. There’s a hotel inside the school which is accessible to anyone but is again cheaper for students. Most families lodge there the night before a loved one’s graduation ceremony to avoid being late due to distance and traffic, you know how Rongai can get.


This is what makes MMU so cool, what makes your uni cool?