What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

Sometimes life can do a number on you. Just when you thought you had everything planned out. Everything figured out. Tables turn and you find yourself in a place you thought you’d never visit again.
As we zero down to the second week of the new year 2019; most people have made new year resolution. Are they realistic? Are they achievable? Are they time bound? We talk of a new year with a lot of energy and expect changes in the new horizon but does change come automatically.

The truth of the matter is that the new year may continue to be similar to you unless you decide to move and work extra hard.There are those who have made resolutions of finding a new job; to invest in business while others want to get married all together.

For the new year to make meaning, those new year resolutions you’ve penned down you need to back them up with actions. If you would love to make a tremendous change you ought to do things differently from how you did them in the previous years. Life needs to be accompanied with actions!

2020 has unfolded 365 days before you and you only have what it takes to write each page of your day. For some, there are moments you might let people to write on your behalf making it hysterical for you to make it in the new millenium.

As you unfold each day, remember to revisit every plans you have undertaken to achieve in 2020. If you want a new job, look for the jobs and don’t await a miracle to ring a bell. Drop your CV’S east, west, north and even south.

For those planning to get married in 2020, don’t wait till December to say, I Do, learn from others who’ve wasted opportunities. Date for a while and get yourself  hooked without thinking you might meet another Miss or Mr Right in the year.

If you don’t catch the worm so early you might miss it all together. For 2020 to come to your realization you got to step up.

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