Messaging application WhatsApp is set to add yet another feature for its users. The Facebook owned application is rolling out a new feature that will change the way its users communicate with others using the same messaging service.

There have been request to introduce the Recall program which will enable users to unsend messages to their contact list. This new feature as reported by the Independent, a UK newspaper, will be hidden and will only be functional if accessed in the settings.

The new feature will be able to delete sent messages, GIFs, Videos and pictures which have been sent in less than 5 minutes. If the sent text lasts for more than 5 minutes then it will not be deleted hence will be there to stay. This means that any text or status reply sent within the first 5 minutes of a conversation can be deleted by the users.

The company is yet to fully make this new feature functional as it is yet to be determined as being bug-free. WhatsApp developers will introduce the feature on the latest version that has been numbered as 2.17.30 currently available on App store. This is not yet on Play store as it still has version 2.17.19. WhatsApp is also considering bringing back the Contact list that got lost with introduction of the Status, but only for iPhone users.