Social Media has turned out to be a new “bae” for many not only in Kenya but also worldwide. The latter has led many to communicate easily just by a flip of their fingers. Communication in the recent years was quite a big deal and  a lot of logistics were involved. Imagine writing a letter and posting it through the Posta and awaiting feedback which took ages. There are those who also queued in a telephone booth awaiting to make phone calls to convey different messages.

The new age communication is easy to use and convenient. The good thing is anyone can use social media, any time !any day!  Social media has it’s pro’s and con’s. From Facebook generation to WhatsApp users, social media  platforms have generated over a billion users. WhatsApp, for instance  have gained a number of users with Kenyan population registering over 45% of users.

WhatsApp has made many to convey meetings online. There are those who have also taken advantage of using the video calls to make calls so that they make an appeal. Apart from using it for personal matters, it has also been an App for the Business World.

Well, this coming December there are those who would be compelled to buy new gadgets to continue using the App if their recent news is something to go by. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook has revealed that they are planning to block the app in some of the gadgets. In 2016,Blackberry, Nokia and some I phone phones got blocked from WhatsApp.

Users with Android versions 2.3.7 and I phones with anything older than iOS 7 will be compelled to purchase new phones since WhatsApp is planning  to block them from accessing the App. WhatsApp has also updated its support page with all windows phones losing the ability to access the service by Dec 31st, 2019.

For those whose gadgets are affected it’s still early, you can upgrade to a newer Android, i Phone or Windows Phone to continue using the App.