While many of the 41 NYS suspects were supposed to be relieved after being released on Tuesday on bail, many are still in custody as they claim they cannot be able to raise the bail.

The suspects were supposed to be released on condition that they pay a bond of Ksh5million, a cash bail of Ksh 1 million and a Ksh 2 million surety totaling to Ksh 8 million among other conditions. Some of the suspects are said to have presented their vehicle log books while others have presented title deeds in exchange for their freedom.

However some like the Ngirita’s have now come forward claiming they cannot be able to raise the money as their accounts have been frozen. Those who have presented their logs books and title deeds may not be so lucky as well as the DPP has now instructed the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to ensure that all assets presented by the suspects for their release are valid and legitimately acquired.