Which Phone Operating System Beats Them All??

This review week, we are comparing operating systems. Which OS really beats the rest??

               IOS                                                                 ANDROID                                                   WINDOWS       

IOS has kept the design and interface looking familar Android has had a couple of changes over the years. Its biggest upgrade was in 2014- Lollipop 5.0 Home screen is a tiled interface, with resizable tiles flipping over to display more information about that app. You can swipe to the left to get to all your applications
applications and related storage live in their own silos Android has long been held up as the most flexible mobile OS.e.g It’s easy to move files around an Android tablet, since the Android file system is visible to all apps Its mobile front end is rigid. You can’t change the keyboard, or customise the tile-based homescreen. On the other hand, a tablet running Windows 8 is more flexible.
Apple’s App Store does maintain a lead. Music, photo, video and other creative apps are in more plentiful supply, and they tend to be of superior quality stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, iPlayer, Dropbox and Vine – Android is now level with iOS, You can run any Windows application on a Windows 8 tablet, the number and quality of apps designed for touchscreens available through the Windows Store simply can’t match Google’s or Apple’s
Continuity. This ridiculously handy addition to iOS 8 lets your magnitude of Apple branded devices talk to each and ensure you’re fully connected all the time There isn’t really a similar feature, yet, system wide on Android but Samsung’s brand new Flow app offers something comparable. Downloadable, albeit only in the US for now, for a number of Sammy’s top handsets (Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Alpha, Tab S) the beta service can push content from one device to another. Continuum lets you directly plug your phone into a monitor to get a PC like interface.
Siri is accurate in understanding what you’re saying, but is limited in what you can actually do with it. Google Now is the best notifier.it feeds you handy information throughout the day, either from apps you have installed like Spotify and from the web. Cortana’s accuracy isn’t quite there yet and the information it throws up isn’t always the most useful.
iOS has some similar ‘actionable’ qualities, but they’re far more limited. You can only reply to message notifications if it’s coming from the Messages app and developers can’t build this into their apps. iOS also suffers from a clogged up Notification Centre, which is increasingly difficult to clear thanks to ridiculously small buttons. Android notifications were spruced up in Lollipop, putting them right on your lock screen and making them better than ever. Long press on one and it’ll show you the app it’s coming from, swipe down with two fingers and certain ones are actionable. Notifications on Windows Phone are on par with iOS, though the idea of a centre for your buzzes was only introduced in the latest update.


What operating system do you thinks beats the rest? Let us know why below.

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