humour_slapAiyayayayay!!!!Slapping and more slapping. The cultures of the world have evolved from time immemorial progressing from simplicity to more complex; someone else might say the other way round. Before, a man would beat up a woman if she goes wrong and the response from her or the society is absolute silence. It was an abomination to throw back at a man, let alone assaulting his REGIONS OF PROFIT. These cultures continue slapping us right center and left. I would say today we are exposed to more education to the extent of fully understanding our rights as citizens of a particular nation. No sin whatsoever goes unpunished. That’s the reason for the coming up of activists and bodies that are the watchdog to counter attack any malicious acts against the rights of humans.

Today it’s a man beating up his wife, tomorrow is a woman castrating her husband, the other week is men and women having carnal knowledge with an animals and Earth knows what is cooking.  Where did we go wrong as a society? Is it our traditions, cultures, modernity or the combination of the three? Whose slapping who? should we be a culture less society?