Why Babu Owino Was Arrested


University of Nairobi has been on almost every media both mainstream and social media in the country since April. First it was an aftermath of SONU elections, to allegedly drug abuse and trafficking within the hostels, the suspension and expulsion of students and lastly and most interesting Babu Owino arrest yesternight.

There are two confusing stories that are doing rounds on social media and as uploaded on Citizen Digital. One that we all know of, assault charges on his then opponent Mike Jacobs. The one month old video went viral of Babu physically conflicting with Mike Jacobs.


The second claims of his arrest, the death of Simon Mwangi, a Youth Enterprise Development Fund Driver. Apparently, Babu checked in to a hotel in South Coast, partied the previous night and was out for a morning jog when he discovered a floating body in the hotel swimming pool, where he then immediately called for help. The former Company’s director, Clement Ayungo and Babu are both suspects. More of that story on The Standard Newspaper, page 10.

Meanwhile, University of Nairobi students have sworn loyalty to their esteemed leader and a man of the people by pouring messages on the Comrades Forum on Facebook, inciting one another that their leader must be released. Standing by him right from Kilimani Police Station to Kibra Law courts.


Babu who seems relaxed and in control, had what seems like sarcastic selfies taken in a cell, drinking liquor in a suit.


A total opposite of what we thought happens in cells right? The likes on Nairobi Half life? Tell us your thoughts below.