Most of the youth in Kenya have being wealthy as one of their major goals in life and for this to happen you must have some way of earning money. The best place to start, at least for most people, is getting a job. It is what every graduate seeks. However, some people possess traits that render them unfit for employment or just put them out of jobs not too long after they secure them. Here are some of those personality traits:

1. You do not take too well to orders

When someone hires you, they have expectations of what exactly you should be doing. They have goals and expect you to set some of your own and meet them. if you are the type that cannot take being bossed around, then you may have a hard time being employed.

2. You do not play team

In the work place, you will be required to work with fellow employees at one time or another. It matters not whether you are a people’s person or an introvert, being a team player is key. At least try to build a rapport with you colleagues who can help you through this if you find it difficult. There are also people who have a habit of taking credit for team effort. This will often cause you to rub shoulders with your workmates.

3. You are not a listener

You like to tell and not be told. You don’t take correction well…or you do not take it at all. We all have something to learn from everything and everyone and if you do not have the will to learn, if you are a know-it-all, people will not only loathe you at the work place, but you will also fail miserably.

4. You are overly aggressive

Being aggressive is a good trait, but there is the bad kind of aggression that makes someone rough and rude while addressing issues. At work, things that you do not agree with are bound to happen, you might rub shoulders with colleagues or even your boss. just always be sure to handle it gracefully as opposed to aggressively. The work place is not a place to haul insults even when you are the offended party.

This is not to say that if you have any of these traits that they cannot be worked on. There are always ways to grow into a better you.