Why many people are opting for Cremation than normal burial?

There is a rise in many people opting for cremation rather than normal burial that have been for quite sometime. Prominent people have shocked many people with their wishes of  being cremated rather than to be buried .

The hindus have adapted the cremation process for a long time. Hindus do not burry the dead but they take them to cremated. Once their beloved ones are cremated, the ashes are allegedly given to the family.

The actual process of cremation consists of five basic steps.

  1. The deceased is identified and proper authorization is obtained.
  2. The body is prepared and placed into a proper container.
  3. The container with the body is moved to the “retort” or cremation chamber.
  4. After cremation, the remaining metal is removed and the remains are ground.
  5. The “ashes” are transferred to either a temporary container or in an urn provided by the family.

In Kenya the families that opt for cremation take them to Kariokor,Langata and Hindu crematorium.


Pandit Trivedi from SSDS temple says Hindus do not believe in the bodily resurrection and the reuniting of each soul with its physical body. They thus place no importance on preserving the corpse, which is the intent of burial in Christianity and Islam.

“The body is the prison of the soul that generates attachments and desires that prevent forward progress towards freedom thats why we (hindus)cremate.

In Hindu funerals, therefore, the role of cremation is to sever the ties of the soul to the body that it is leaving, freeing it to move.Some people do cremate for spiritual reasons.

Since Sikhs believe that soul is immortal and does not die, he said they burn the physical and mortal remains to totally detach the soul from the body as it journeys back to its Creator.

As per Sikhi, the soul’s divine purpose is to further its journey beyond the physical.

“Cremation is done to confine the physical remains and respectfully and graciously return them to the five elements of which fire is one of them,” Khalsa said.

He noted that cremation is a dignified way to return the body to the earth, and helps absolve the family the burden of the upkeep of the grave or mausoleum. The body, as a temporary vessel for the soul, is humbly surrendered to flames to ensure nothing except its ashes remain behind to return to dust.

The act of cremation has been rising in Kenya. High profiles such as Wangari Mathai, Kenneth Matiba and now Bob Collymore. Some also try to reduce the cost that is incurred in their normal burial preparations.


1. Hearse – Home to Lee Funeral Home: 10K.
2. Funeral Home: 18K.
3. Hearse to crematorium: 8K.
4. Cremation: 5K.


1. Mortuary (10 Days): 20K.
2. Coffin: 32K.
3. Hearse: 40K.
4. Transport (Family): 40K.
5. Flowers: 8K.
6. Clothes: 15K.
7. Photos: 8K.
8: Video: 6K.
9. Public Address System: 7K.
10. Tents: 40K.
11. Pastor: 10K.
12. Adverts (Newspaper): 80K.
13. Adverts (FM Radio): 30K.
14. Food: 60K.

Total= 396K

What’s your view on cremation?

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