There has been talk over the past two years (give or take) about millennials and how entitled, impatient, they are, how less competent and visionary they are. This talk is partially true, as much as there are a good number of millennials who are visionary and do a job whenever placed in the work space or wherever else, there is a large group that just does not and one of the things we lack sometimes as young people is work ethic.

Here is why you need it:

You earn respect

Respect should be a two-way traffic but sometimes people may not be willing to give it to you. You often need to earn it. Showing respect even when wronged in the work place and stepping back when faced with an issue that could trigger your anger exhibits your maturity. Also doing what is required of you and doing it well earns you respect.

You get referrals

Should you stop working where you are working, your former employer will always have something good to say and will definitely give you a good recommendation letter or referral. Good is mostly repaid with good.

You grow as a person

Being ethical helps you develop as an individual. You learn to better deal with people, handle situations. The more you practice it, the better you become. It also gives you a chance to acquire other good qualities.

It sets you apart

As word is always out that millennials are rude, incompetent and slacks. Having good work ethic gives you a plus in regards to your reputation and makes you a needle in a hay stack.

People have nothing but good things to say about you

When you have good work ethic, you possess politeness, kindness and professionalism, you do your work well and rarely have conflict with anyone you work with. This translates in to not only your happiness but your colleagues’ peace of mind. It makes you likeable and easy to work with.