The first day of a school week is always messed up. There is zero motivation and nothing seems to be working out. It’s called a Monday. A day that strikes fear in many students when mentioned. The calendar is only fair sometimes when this day happens to be a holiday. I mean who doesn’t like holidays? Anyone? No?

Mondays are boring due to the arrangement of week days. It is not our fault that the calendar was made to look this way but we just found it that way. Whoever made the calendar should have been fired or something. Monday comes immediately after Sunday, which is always a day of recovery. As a student you know how the week ends and you decide to party like it’s the end of the world. Friday is normally a day to let go of everything. You party hard.

Saturdays are mostly spent indoors watching movies or if you are a lucky student the party continues from Friday. You nurse the hangover on Sunday because reality strikes again. Monday comes fast. Faster than filthy words from a politician’s mouth.

Mondays are always boring because you are trying to adjust to the reality that you have to get back to class or finish up assignments. The weekend might have made you forget you had a pending assignment so you arrive early to do it or as we do sometimes copy paste from the smart guys in class.

Time does not seem to move at the required speed. An hour feels like a whole day! You keep looking at your watch in class and it is still 9am. The lecturer is still in class and because of the morning rush you did not take breakfast. You are hungry, yawning and trying to get through the lesson. I agree nothing really seems to work out on Mondays.

Lastly the sound of Monday being mentioned seems to cut some veins in your ears. But just try to have a great Monday even if it seems boring!