So you manage to meet someone you actually like from the sound of it and plan a date. The day finally finds you ready to go on a first date and the fun somehow gets out of hand. In this case the two of you hold hands and cant let go of each other. It turns from sweet nothings to the actual game. Sex manages to sneak in at the end of it. It gets awkward doesn’t it?

I know guys always have other ideas when the sex comes on the first date. They will ask themselves a lot of Questions. Is she that desperate to let go on the first date? Will there be a second date? Did she rob me by coming to my house? When was the last time I checked my HIV status?

Girls always have Questions but for them it’s from a different angle all together. They string along hate and anything that can fit in their mind. Their Questions come in paragraphs and to find answers you might need a whole thesis for that.

Sex on the first date is no big deal at least according to vast knowledge acquired from my addiction of social media. First of sex has been reduced to a mere greeting. These days it’s like saying Hi to a new friend.

The first date is always filled with nervous individuals who are eager to please and what better way to do it other than sex. The energy that comes with it can help form a nuclear weapon. It then becomes beneficial to both parties.

Sex on the first date is exciting because the two of you barely know each other. Two strangers on an adventure always raises the adrenaline levels and this may enable the body function well and keep you healthy.

Finally, sex on the first date helps save more time and money. It provides ground for gauging whether to continue or abort mission. If the sex is whack, you just pack all your effort in that green plastic bag and move out.