Why the rise of young men and Women dating “Sponsors?”

There is a rise in the number of Kenyan youth dating older men and women. Most of the youth have found themselves in this acrimony.

A research shows there are reasons that have led many to opt for sugar mummies and daddies at the expense of the fresh blood.

The society has witnessed changes and the youth of today surprises many with the decisions that they make day in, day out.

Some of the relationships they are entering into may seem to be awkward though they say love is blind.

Reasons behind ladies dating older men :

1.Love factor

There are those who just fall in love with the older men and they can’t hide it. The passion has made them to continue dating and even get married to older men.

2.Money factor

We have ladies who look for older men so that the man can cater for their financial constraints. Some of the ladies today don’t love to struggle.

3.For sexual satisfaction

There are those ladies who look for men who have experience in sex. For this reason, they opt for those who have been in the bed matters for long.

4.Respect Purpose

Respect is one thing that drives a relationship. Ladies tend to look for older men since the young chirps in the same age group may fail to respect them.

5. He has a house

We’ve heard those conversations where the young men ask their friends to help them out whenever their “Bae” is visiting. Some young ladies prefer older men who have their houses

6.Maturity Age

Women mature faster compared to men. Young ladies tend to date older men since they are able to get men who are mature enough. They want people whose reasoning capacity and theirs is compatible.

Reasons behind men dating Sugar Mummies

1. Money Factor

There are men who are lured into dating older men also for financial purposes.

2.To gain experience

Older women have been in the game for long and some men draw lessons from these older women.

3.To have fun

For some young men they just have older women for fun. The relationship may not be heading somewhere but just to have fun.

4. Maturity purpose

Others also opt for older women since they believe older women are mature enough and they can reason together.

5.They are believed not to be players

Unlike what the young girls tend to do in relationships, older women are believed not to date many men at a go.

6.Some  take it as a challenge

Young men tend to look for older women to challenge themselves.

Effects of Dating Sugar Daddies and Mummies

Most of those who date Sponsors have adverse effects in their lives. For instance some of them are infected with diseases that have led to the shortening of their life span.We have others who have also been killed brutally by their sponsors especially when they have been realized to be dating other people apart from them.

The act has led to family break ups as family have been torn apart with these ladies and men who prey on men and women that are married.
Sponsors have encouraged the youth to be lazy as others don’t want to work hard to achieve what they need to have a good life as they embrace short cuts.

What’s your take on the rise of sugar daddies and mummies in the country?

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