As told by a UoN student…

“With the recent success by comrades in bringing police reforms, it is now in the public domain that we are unique in several enviable ways. Top on the list being:
1. When we graduate, we are literally being sent to create more jobs to curb unemployment. The government finds us especially more experienced after creating jobs for the police. Any policeman from Central Police Station can attest to this.
2. When others do retakes and Supps…in UoN we are given a chance to inform and enlighten Lecturers what they never understood in our previous exam paper!
3. When others close school, UoN is advised to go home to allow lecturers time to keep up to date with the comrades’ intelligence. I hear lecs are now in JKML for serious studies.
4. When others strike and riot, UoN intervenes as the 4th arm of the government to help restore order in the Civil service (police)


5. While others read for exams, UoN comrades consult books to get a different way of explaining what they already know to the lectures.
6. Whereas pupils have sex, UoN comrades engage in body understanding.

7. Whilst other students eat, UoN comrades try to understand the percentage composition of nutrients in the food.

8. When the others open school, UoN comrades are requested to go back so as to fill an intellectual vacuum that befalls the Capital city.”

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He continued, “So there is absolutely no way UoN can be compared to any other university in Kenya. We are a totally different species!!”

Now, you be the judge!

Ajossie McOtieno