Westlands has been the most preferred destination for the young fun loving people in town. Mostly students across Nairobi take time off during the weekends to have a binge of imbibing and decompressing in Westy.

Why Westy is Loved By Many

One of the obvious reasons is its close proximity to town but maybe you didn’t know about what I am about to disclose.

Accessibility: Most other places within the city has accessibility issues but Westy, you can get public services operating till dawn, that is if you cannot afford an Uber.


Cheap transportation: The matatus also are very cheap. Rodgers, a university student says after using up all the money on drinks, 50 bob was able to cater for four of his friends and himself back to town. That is almost impossible!


Perfect date location: This is the place where this particular people meet up, interact and unwind. It is a perfect place to treat a girl with intentions of establishing friendly or even love relationships into a ride of that night life. A couple of friend met their girlfriends while partying in Westy and coincidentally, most of them were either school mates or in campus (If the trend continues, very soon you probably might see ‘Match Made in Westy’)


Classy: Aside from that, the place is cheap as well as maintaining the classiness that it is associated with. While operating on a squeezed budget and still wanting to get the experience of Hypnotica and Brew Bistro, something normal for a student, you will find those ‘okolea’ joints where you can run shots down your system or buy cheap liquor ‘makali’ down at Molly’s to worm up the mood.


We hope you enjoyed your weekend.