‘4 Your Eyes Only’ is the new album that is coming your way from the celebrated American hip hop recording artist and producer, J Cole. The rapper has been quiet for a while but he is resurfacing at the best time to release his fourth album.

In the new album, you will be able to listen to amazing jams like For Whom The Bells Toll, Vile Mentality, Deja Vu, She’s Mine pt. 1, Neighbors, Folding Cloth, Change, She’s Mine pt. 2 and 4 Your Eyes Only.

This man hailing from North Carolina, signed by Roc Nation has never disappointed his fans by throwing lyrics against the black American mistreatments, Materialism and relationships.

Here a few tips why you should listen to the new J Cole’s album released on Friday.


  • We Need Positive Music to End the Year


The year has been dreary and people need some positive energy to end the year. It has been much of a struggle but music has always illuminated the way, such music in the new album could lead to fans talking about it till 2016 elapses.

Beyonce (L) and Kendrick Lamar perform onstage during the 2016 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

The likes of Beyonce, Chance The Rapper, Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar maintained the music scene lit.

  • He Encourages Women to Know Their Worth

With sexism everywhere in the music industry that has led to demeaning the value of women in the recent days, J Cole stands out as the smartest artist to avoid such a bizarre behavior that leads to discrimination. His music in the way he appreciates women has reflected his true self as he married his fiancée of 10 years in 2016.

J Cole and his wife Christal Rock