“We Will Bury Matiang’i Alive If He Dares To Increase Fees” Babu Owino Threatens


The year comes to and end but some things never will. SONU’s widely known Chairman Babu Owino threatens to bury the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Matiang’i alive if University fees are increased.

Babu Owino along with his disciples stated that if anything university education in Kenya should be free and tuition fee should not be increased. He also threatened to hold a nationwide strike and this isn’t the first time.

Earlier in the year the student leader posed the same threat over the same issue and was to join forces with student leaders from other universities some of who refused to join him. They thought that it would be a waste of time. This drama has come up just when students from the University of Nairobi along with others are right in the middle of exams.

Will Babu Owino succeed or will is this mission set to fail? Watch his speech below and tell us what you think.